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Which Medicinal Mushrooms Should I Be Taking And Why?

For thousands of years, human beings have used natural plants and herbs for health, healing, and natural medicine. This practice is still expanding today, we are forever seeking new sources to optimise our health and wellness. Medicinal mushrooms are an all-natural source of healing and a great alternative to pharmaceuticals. In the far east, they have long been treasured in traditional and folk medicine, today these mushrooms are being used by health practitioners and the benefits are researched and analysed by science. They have been proven to provide people with a boosted immune system, increased energy, better sleep and overall wellness.   Different mushrooms can offer a variety of different and specific benefits, learning the many, different effects of medicinal...

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How To Form (And Keep!) Healthy Habits

Lets face it, we’re all creatures of habit. We tend to wake up at the same time each day, brush our teeth, have a coffee and then off to work we go, following the same patterns every day.So why is it that when we try and establish a new healthy habit into our lives, it seems so hard!? Studies on habit formation suggest many of us try to create healthy habits by making bold resolutions to start exercising or lose weight, for example, without properly setting ourselves up for the success we crave.  Ultimately, this is what causes us to fail before we've even really started. Tips on forming new healthy habits. Look for patterns in your day and think...

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What is Restless Legs Syndrome And How Do You Treat It?

Restless legs syndrome (RLS), is a neurological sensorimotor disease which usually causes disturbed sleep and lesser quality of life.There are various causes which are usually influenced by genetic, environmental and medical factors.   The symptoms vary in frequency from once a month or year to daily and the severity ranges from mildly annoying to disabling. RLS can be diagnosed by a medical practitioner using symptom patterns that meet the following five essential criteria   The diagnosis of (RLS) is based on the following symptoms established by the International Restless Legs Syndrome Study Group:   “An urge to move the legs usually but not always accompanied by or felt to be caused by uncomfortable and unpleasant sensations in the legs. “ “The...

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How Does Meditation Help Reduce Anxiety And Stress?

  The anxious mind is like a persistent machine gun of negativity, firing one fearful and worrisome thought after another: "Why don't they like me? What if I lose my job? Am I getting sick? Will I ever find a partner? Will I ever have enough money? Why can’t I be successful? Why can’t I lose weight? Why did I say something so stupid? In fact, scientists estimate the number of human thoughts at around 70,000 per day — meaning a worried, anxious mind can literally generate a new negative thought every couple of seconds. “What can I do to reduce anxiety?” One word, Meditation. Through meditation you are able to build the mental skills to be able to recognise an anxious thought as just a thought. Sure, when...

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Acupressure Mats VS Acupuncture

    Many people get (understandably!) a little confused when it comes to differentiating between an acupressure mat and acupuncture.   Both therapies are based around the Traditional Chinese Medicine theories of there being meridians (energy pathways) throughout the body which can become blocked, causing discomfort and pain. The purpose of acupressure and acupuncture is to unblock the meridians, relieving the pain and improving general wellbeing.   Although both are forms of ancient alternative therapies originating in China, they offer some seperate advantages.   Acupuncture Therapy   Acupuncture therapy should be used if someone is looking for help resolving a particular medical condition, it is possible to target specific parts of the body which are causing severe discomfort. It is...

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